Reminder: The first day of school is August 29th. We look forward to welcoming our scholars for the 23-24 School Year!
Young students at table learning

Our Curriculum


We follow the Eureka curriculum in math to push rigor for our scholars. Prodeo Academy’s approach to math instruction is rooted in critical thinking and innovation. In order to facilitate the multiple levels at which students work in the classroom, the bulk of the math instructional block takes place in small groups. All students receive a mini-lesson at the beginning of the math block where the teacher introduces or deeply explores concepts. Students are then released to work independently and in small groups with the teacher. The teacher is able to intervene, extend, and facilitate student learning in the small group sessions. Students are regularly assessed and teachers track and analyze all informal and formal assessment data in order to adapt instruction and accelerate student learning. 



Literacy instruction at Prodeo Academy emphasizes the importance of students developing a deep love for reading, comfort with critical discourse about texts, and the ability to write powerfully and persuasively. Prodeo Academy has a multi-pronged approach to literacy instruction. We start the day with a Read Aloud where teachers model skills they want their students to learn. Part of the literacy instruction is focused on word-building skills and phonics (Fundations), part of the program is focused on developing fluency, and part is focused on building strong reading comprehension and discussion habits (Guided Reading). Students engage with texts at their independent and instructional levels during guided reading. For developing students' reading comprehension and exposure to rich text, Prodeo uses Wit & Wisdom from Great Minds. For developing student phonological and phonemic awareness, Prodeo uses Wilson Fundations.


Science and Social Studies

Prodeo Academy provides students with access to high-quality science and social studies curriculum. Through rigorous science and social studies instruction beginning in Kindergarten, Prodeo students develop necessary foundational content knowledge, while developing critical thinking, collaborative learning, and technological skills. Additionally, through participating in science and social studies lessons on a daily basis, students build a deep well of background knowledge that aids them in becoming stronger readers. Prodeo Academy uses a variety of different curricular resources for these content areas, relying primarily on state standards to drive instruction. Additionally, Prodeo provides students with experiential learning opportunities. In science, students engage in authentic learning tasks that are structured through the process of inquiry. The curriculum pushes student independence and autonomy through allowing choice, and research opportunities, that double to develop a foundation of computer literacy. Finally, to recognize and value the diversity of Prodeo students, instruction in science and social studies provides exposure to a diverse range of role models from their own cultural identities.