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Young students at table learning

Our Approach

Our Mission

Prodeo Academy is a college preparatory school that develops students to be critical thinkers and reflective leaders, strengthening their character and expanding their opportunities to contribute positively and productively to society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an innovative network of schools that is known nationally for best practices around student achievement and character development, fostering impactful educators, closing the opportunity gap, and building stronger communities.

Our Core Values

Perseverance. Respect. Integrity. Development. Engagement.
These five values inform and inspire everything we do at Prodeo Academy. In Latin, Prodeo means "to advance" or "go forward", and at Prodeo Academy, we believe in the growth of the whole person.
It is extremely important to prepare our students for success in school, as well as in their personal and future professional life. 

Our Family Partnership

Family support is critical to a child's success in school. At Prodeo Academy we understand that we work in collaboration with families; we welcome every Prodeo Academy family to be an active participant in our school community.

Our commitment to families:
  • The high standards we set for our students are matched by the high standards we set for our staff.
  • We are passionate about the high-quality teachers we have hired who provide your child with the tools to be successful.
  • Our staff are easily accessible to families, whether a student has a question about homework or a parent simply wants to reach out to the teacher.
  • In addition to regular conferences, our teachers communicate regularly with families through phone calls, home visits and meetings to ensure that each child is making solid progress at all times.

The Prodeo Way

Below are the key principles and practices that will help us accomplish our goals: 

1. Data-driven Instruction: We seek to understand the unique educational needs of every Prodeo scholar and provide customized educational pathways that meet those needs. To accomplish this, we utilize daily small group instruction, assessments such as STEP and NWEA, and data from adaptive learning technology.   

2. Strong Curriculum & Teacher Training: Before opening, the Prodeo team looked across the nation to find the most effective, research-based curricula available. Our curriculum integrates both constructivism and direct instruction to provide scholars with a balanced and rich learning experience. To help our teachers be successful, Prodeo provides them with frequent and in-depth training around our curriculum and how best to engage scholars in learning.

3. Strategic Innovation: We believe that the best teachers are constantly innovating to maximize scholar learning. We hire teachers who are passionate about continuous improvement and empower them to be innovators while at Prodeo. We don’t believe that the best ideas come from the “top down” but instead seek to have our teachers help drive our innovation and continuous improvement as a school.

4. Clear Structures: Our scholars thrive when we provide them with a clear and consistent structure. We communicate our expectations clearly to scholars, provide transparent consequences for behavior, and have predictable schedules and routines. This approach allows Prodeo scholars to feel settled and supported at school and focus their energy on learning.  

5. Trauma-informed Practice: Our entire school is built around the understanding that many of our scholars face extreme challenges in their lives that leave a deep personal impact on them. Prodeo utilizes a healing mindset that emphasizes compassion, positive recognition, and mindfulness to support our scholars in their efforts to maximize their learning and develop as people.

6. Staff Accountability & Satisfaction: We believe that high standards and job satisfaction must go hand-in-hand for staff at Prodeo. We hire superstars who set ambitious goals for our scholars and provide them with intensive support to achieve those goals. We also build a close-knit community that is anchored in shared values, frequent celebrations, and the importance of making work satisfying and sustainable for the long term.

Strategic Priorities
  • Strengthen communication and transparency across the school community in order to increase operational effectiveness and organizational alignment.
  • Strengthen the recruitment, cultivation, engagement and retention of talent in order to ensure a culture of high effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Strengthen social and academic supports and interventions for scholars as a part of our school-wide program.
  • Strengthen our family engagement, partnership, and support through increasing collaboration, resources, and outreach.