Reminder: The first day of school is August 29th. We look forward to welcoming our scholars for the 23-24 School Year!
Students at table with teacher

Staff Spotlight: Maliza Kalema

Today's spotlight is on Maliza Kalema, Prodeo's Family Engagement and Recruitment Manager. Maliza is "a secret fan of the Howard University homeroom [in Minneapolis]. I know favorites aren't allowed but I can't help but give a little shoulder bounce every time I see their attendance data or positive highlight as an alum." When she's not working, Ms. Kalema loves sewing and trying out new DIY projects at home. As a child, her favorite book was Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Her favorite thing about Prodeo is that it "embodies a deep belief in potential and has a growth mindset towards improvement." Thanks, Ms. Kalema!