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Why Prodeo?

At Prodeo Academy we provide individualized instruction for every child and ensure that our scholars are engaged and excited about the learning process. Excellence is our standard, for our school community. At Prodeo Academy we partner with our families to provide a structure and culture of success for our scholars, and to prepare them to Prodeo or  "go forward." Results matter, and we are proud to utilize the very best practices in education.

We strive to be a high performing school focused on the core values of P.R.I.D.E. Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Development, and Engagement.

Prodeo Academy opened in the Fall of 2013 and since then has become an award-winning and recognized school. In 2016, the MN Department of Education awarded Prodeo Academy with the School Finance Award. In 2018,  Great MN Schools recognized Prodeo Academy as one of 30 high-performing schools empowered to provide students from every neighborhood and every background to realize their extraordinary potential. Prodeo Academy was featured on the 2018 High-Quality Charter Schools list by the Minnesota Department of Education. 

We believe that there are some key principles and practices that make Prodeo great:

  1. Data-Driven Habits: We seek to understand the unique educational and social needs of every Prodeo scholar and provide personalized educational pathways that meet those needs. To accomplish this, we utilize daily small group instruction, various formative and summative assessments, and data from adaptive learning technology.     
  2. Growth and Development: Our curriculum integrates both constructivism and direct instruction to provide scholars with a balanced and rich learning experience.  We foster growth and development for staff and scholars. Teachers engage in frequent in-depth training and meetings around our evolving curriculum, data-driven instruction, culturally responsive teaching, and trauma-informed practice in order to best engage and support scholars in learning.
  3. Strategic Innovation: We believe that the best teachers and leaders are constantly innovating to maximize scholar learning. We hire teachers who are passionate about continuous improvement and empower them to be innovators while at Prodeo. We seek to have our teachers help drive our innovation and continuous improvement as a school. 
  4. Positive Consistency: Our staff and scholars thrive when we provide them with a clear and consistent structure. We communicate our expectations clearly to scholars, provide transparent consequences for behavior, and have predictable schedules and routines.  We believe that celebrations lead to positive consistency and are thoughtful about how to recognize staff and scholars. This approach allows our Prodeo community to feel settled and supported at school and focus their energy on teaching and learning.   
  5. Student Agency:  We use trauma-informed practices and intentionally teach collaborative problem-solving, in order to support the development of our scholars’ social-emotional skills, personal responsibility, and advocacy.  We have a mindset that emphasizes compassion, positive recognition, and mindfulness to support our scholars in their efforts to maximize their learning and develop as people. Furthermore, we support students along their individual journeys towards academic success encouraging them to take ownership of their own learning and outcomes.

Accountability & Satisfaction: We believe that all members of the Prodeo community should be held to high standards.  We create an environment that fosters rigor and joy of learning through a personalized approach.  We hire top talent who set ambitious goals for our scholars and provide them with intensive support to achieve those goals. We also build a close-knit community that is anchored in shared values, frequent celebrations, and the importance of making work satisfying and sustainable for the long term.

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