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6/1 Update

We want to extend a special thank you to our scholars, families, and staff who have been part of this unprecedented 19-20 school year. While we look to finish the year strong, Prodeo Academy leaders and staff are engaged in planning for the 20-21 school year. We are following the latest developments and regulations regarding school openings in the all and looking forward to a successful academic year come September. 

At this time, while we do not know the exact blend of on-site and remote learning that will have to take place next year, Prodeo Academy is committed to serving every child. We recognize that some of our students will require distance learning as an option until a vaccine is available.  For that reason, Prodeo Academy is committed to providing remote learning options to qualifying students in accordance with MDE and state guidance, while also ensuring that scholars returning to classes on campus remain healthy and safe. 

Please look to the School Reopening section of the website for updates throughout the summer about our distance learning and school reopening plans. 

4/28 Update
Under Governor Walz's new Executive Order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in Minnesota will offer Distance Learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Prodeo Academy will continue to offer classes online, while providing services such as meal distribution and childcare for emergency and medical workers at school sites. To prepare for the Extended Distance Learning Period, we are mandated to make Friday May 1st and Monday May 4th, planning days for our teachers. Any new distance learning work will be posted by Friday and families should use the weekend and Monday to catch up on any incomplete work from the past few weeks.
Work packets and materials for the Extended Distance Learning period for scholars in PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 5th Grade must be picked up from the school starting on Monday May 4th from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. 
Please contact the school with any questions.
4/23/20 Update
IMPORTANT: In line with Governor Walz’s order from Thursday, April 23, all Minnesota schools will remain closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, with students participating in Distance Learning. It is essential that all families that need assistance accessing distance learning contact the school or visit our COVID-19 resources for more information. Prodeo Academy will continue to provide meals and technology devices as needed through June 9.
4/21/20 Update
URGENT: Minneapolis Families May Be Eligible for Housing Assistance Due to the COVID-19 Crisis
The city of Minneapolis emergency housing fund will be opening at 9 am on Wednesday, April 22nd for families struggling to pay for housing during the COVID-19 crisis. Applications can be submitted on the gap funding page. All Minneapolis families at or below 30% the area median income ($30,000) are eligible to apply for the $2 million emergency housing fund. The application window runs from 9:00 AM Wednesday, April 22 - 12:00 PM Monday, April 27. If you need assistance, contact social worker Madeline Ruff at .
3/26/20 Update:

In line with Governor Walz’s order from Wednesday, March 25th, all Minnesota schools will remain closed to students until at least May 4th, with students participating in Distance Learning until that time. 

Prodeo’s teachers are working diligently to ensure that all families have at least one internet-connected device that students will be able to use each school day. Please contact the school or your student’s teacher right away to arrange to borrow a Prodeo computer. 

Also, a quick reminder that Prodeo Academy will be on Spring Break next week -- March 30th through April 3rd -- so we won’t have childcare or food distribution during next week. We’ll officially start the Distance Learning period on Monday, April 6th, and food distribution and childcare for eligible families will restart that day as well. Thank you and please be safe and healthy!


Stay Home MN guidance

Stay Home MN guidance

Prodeo Academy Closed Starting Monday, March 16th

Prodeo Academy will be closed starting tomorrow, Monday, March 16th through Friday, April 3rd, reopening Monday, April 6th, pending further guidance from state and federal authorities. The health and safety of our families and staff is of the highest importance.  

Throughout the closure period, we will provide updates to families on food service, remote learning, childcare for emergency responders and healthcare workers, among other topics. 

Update as of 12 pm 3/16:

We are asking all families to please provide information regarding technology access and contact information, so we can best prepare our solutions for distance learning (by 12pm on Tuesday, 3/17):


If you are an Emergency Responder or Health Care worker who needs childcare for their Prodeo students at this time, please complete the following interest form (by 12pm on Tuesday, 3/17):

Childcare for Emergency and Health Care Workers Survey
(UPDATE on 3/17: The deadline for this survey has passed and we are working out the logistics to meet the demand for this service. If you are a Healthcare or Emergency Worker with an urgent need for childcare, please email with your request.) 

We encourage all members of our community to continue following guidance from health departments and government officials regarding health and hygiene practices. Together, we will continue working as a school community to provide for our students, families, and staff throughout this period. 

Prodeo Academy cerrada a partir del lunes 16 de marzo

Prodeo Academy estará cerrada a partir de mañana, lunes 16 de marzo hasta el viernes 3 de abril, reabriendo el lunes 6 de abril, a la espera de más orientación de las autoridades estatales y federales. La salud y la seguridad de nuestras familias y el personal es de suma importancia. 

A lo largo del período de cierre, proporcionaremos actualizaciones a las familias sobre el servicio de alimentos, el aprendizaje remoto, el cuidado de niños para el personal de respuesta a emergencias y los trabajadores de la salud, entre otros temas. 

Actualización a partir de las 12 pm 3/16:
Solicitamos a todas las familias que proporcionen información sobre el acceso a la tecnología y la información de contacto, para que podamos preparar mejor nuestras soluciones para el aprendizaje a distancia (antes de las 12 p. M. Del martes 3/17):
Si usted es un trabajador de emergencias o de atención médica que necesita cuidado de niños para sus estudiantes de Prodeo en este momento, complete el siguiente formulario de interés (antes de las 12 p. M. El martes 3/17):
Encuesta de cuidado de niños para trabajadores de emergencias y atención médica
(UPDATE on 3/17: La fecha límite para esta encuesta ha pasado y estamos trabajando en la logística para satisfacer la demanda de este servicio. Si usted es un trabajador de atención médica o de emergencia con una necesidad urgente de cuidado infantil, envíe un correo electrónico a con su solicitud.)


Alentamos a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad a continuar siguiendo las instrucciones de los departamentos de salud y los funcionarios gubernamentales con respecto a las prácticas de salud e higiene. Juntos, continuaremos trabajando como comunidad escolar para proveer a nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal durante este período.

Prodeo Academy ayaa Xidhnaa laga bilaabo Isniinta Maarso 16

Machadka Prodeo ayaa la xirayaa laga bilaabo berri, Isniin, Maarso 16 illaa Jimcaha, Abriil 3, oo dib loo furayo Isniinta, Abriil 6, iyadoo laga sugayo hagitaan dheeraad ah oo laga helo maamulada gobolka iyo federaalka. 

Inta lagu jiro muddada xiritaanka, waxaan u bixin doonaa cusbooneysiin qoysaska ku saabsan adeegga cuntada, barashada fog, daryeelka carruurta ee jawaabayaasha degdegga ah iyo shaqaalaha daryeelka caafimaadka, iyo mowduucyo kale. 

Cusboonaysiinta illaa 12 pm 3/16:
Waxaan ka codsaneynaa qoysaska oo dhan inay fadlan soo gudbiyaan macluumaadka ku saabsan marin u helka teknolojiyadda iyo macluumaadka lala xiriirayo, si aan si wanaagsan ugu diyaarin karno xalalkayaga barashada masaafada (duhurkii Talaadada, 3/17):
Haddii aad tahay Jawaabe Degdega ah ama shaqaale Daryeel Caafimaad oo u baahan daryeel carruureed ardayda Prodeo waqtigan, fadlan buuxi foomka xiisaha soosocda (duhurkii Talaadada, 3/17):
Daryeelka Ilmaha ee Sahanka Shaqaalaha Daryeelka Caafimaadka
(UPDATE on 3/17: Waqtiga kama dambeysta ah ee sahankaan waa la maray waxaanan ka shaqeyneynaa saadka si aan u buuxinno baahida adeeggan. Haddii aad tahay Daryeel Caafimaad ama Shaqaale Xaalad Degdeg ah oo aad ugu baahan daryeel caafimaad, fadlan farriintaada u dir


 Waxaan ku dhiirigelineynaa dhammaan xubnaha bulshada inay sii wadaan raacitaanka hagida waaxaha caafimaadka iyo saraakiisha dowladda ee ku saabsan dhaqanka iyo nadaafadda. Wadajir ahaan, waxaan sii wadi doonnaa ka shaqeynta sidii iskuul bulsheed oo aan u siin lahayn ardayda, qoysaska, iyo shaqaalaheena inta lagu jiro mudadan.